Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting things started.

After some deliberation, Marley and I have decided to set out to Taiji, Japan to act as Cove Guardians this March. We are both very excited to be volunteering with Sea Shepherd, and to help them finish out this season with documenting the disgusting and atrocious activities that go on in this small coastal community. Our friend Tarah is currently still in Taiji, and she has been documenting her experience on her blog:
For the Sea Shepherd report back and to hear a little bit more about what we're doing you can visit here:

also, just found out another friend keeps a diary of events as well:

We're getting some things together right now to have some benefit screenings of "The Cove" around British Columbia to raise some money for our trip out there. We're starting from scratch, so if you have the means please feel free to donate with the button found here on our blog. You can use either Paypal or pay with a credit card. We also can accept your air miles, and since I don't have a ticket yet it would be immensely helpful if you could. If you'd like to do that you can email us at: And lastly, if you're able to set up a benefit show, vegan bake sale, leave out a donation jar or any other kind of fund raiser please feel free.

We'll keep you updated on things as they progress, and get a little bit more information on here once we get the ball rolling. Thank you.

For the animals,
Mike XVX + Marley D.

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