Monday, March 7, 2011

And we are off!!

Well here we are waiting for our flight in the Vancouver airport reflecting on how supportive our friends, family and total strangers have been to us!

On Wed March 2nd we had our Dinner for the Dolphins at Armani's and we raised almost $2000!!  We are so thankful to Gord at Armani's, everyone who donated items for the auction, and all the fabulous people who came out and bid!!

Thank you to everyone who came to our screening of the Cove at Green Cuisine on Saturday and thank you to Uncle Rob for letting us use your flatscreen!!

We are also incredibly thankful to 3G in Vancouver for buying the rest of our shirts to sell in the restaurant!  You can now buy our t-shirts for $20 at 3G vegan buddhist restaurant 3424 Cambie St in Van!!  The best vegan food in the city!

So we fly out tonight at 1:30 AM and we will spend the next several days traveling to our destination in Japan.  Please keep checking back for updates!

Wish us luck!  At this point we are feeling pretty positive about our trip, something happened today that I have never experienced before and I have been traveling on BC Ferries for 25 years.  About a half hour into our journey on the boat, we looked out and saw porpoises everywhere.  They were flying past our boat jumping and splashing water everywhere.  They followed us for about half an hour, the very same species that are being murdered in Japan.  Seeing them today has validated our desire to protect these animals from anyone who intends to cause them harm.  As an extension of self defense on behalf of all cetaceans, this is us standing up and fighting back.

Marley, Mike and Carisa
The Cove Guardians

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