Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 6 in Taiji

Well the wild cetaceans around Taiji are very lucky again.  The hunter boats left the harbor today and came back empty handed AGAIN.  Today was a bit different though because the harpoon ship came back much later than the rest of the boats and we were dreading to see why it was so late but it came back empty as well.

Our afternoon consisted mostly of sitting in the harbor for 6 hours waiting for the harpoon ship to return.  In that time we were visited at least 7 times by undercover police and sketchy individuals asking totally ridiculous questions pretending to be supporters.  The undercover police in Taiji really need to work on their skills because they really do stick out like a sore thumb.  Oh well, at least they are entertaining.

While sitting in the harbor we also watched an elderly man who was fishing off the pier and he actually caught a plastic bag on his hook.  We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw him take the bag off his hook and toss it back into the ocean.  Again, it's clear to us that even the elderly residents of Taiji do not care about marine life and the coastal ecosystems around their home.  I can't imagine my own grandparents ever throwing plastic garbage into the water, how shameful.

As always, please call and email the Japanese embassy and tell them what you think of slaughtering dolphins and the sale of wild dolphins for entertainment. For instant updates follow Sea Shepherd on Twitter, Rosie updates frequently!

For the Oceans,
Marley and Carisa

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