Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 7 in Taiji

Another beautiful day in Taiji, which unfortunately means that the dolphin hunters were out and about. All 12 banger boats and the harpoon vessel went out this morning. At first glance the area is gorgeous, but after spending a week in Taiji it is difficult to appreciate the beauty of it when there is so much cruelty to animals going on here.

The hunting boats leaving the harbor, ruining a perfectly beautiful sunrise.  

The boats were out for about 3 hours before we spotted them. Once we saw them we were fairly concerned because they were in a formation like they had found a pod of dolphins, although their movements were very erratic/unorganized. We continued to follow their locations for another hour, but ultimately they were unable drive in any dolphins. Hopefully the dolphins continue to elude the fishermen!

We checked on the  dolphins at the dolphin hotel, and yet again the sick dolphin is being ignored by the trainers. To make the dolphins do stupid tricks they are deprived from their normal amount of food, by the time the trainers come around they are basically begging for fish, but the ill dolphin has zero interest! It doesn't even acknowledge them at all! When we asked them to help the sick dolphin, the trainers laughed and made jokes about us. These are the people that claim to love the dolphins, yet they don't even care that one of the dolphins lays listless all day, won't interact with the others, and will not eat?! These people do NOT care about the dolphins! They are GREEDY!

The Taiji Dolphin Hotel sea pens where wild dolphins are held prisoner. 

Today the police were a little more aggressive with us as well.  We are constantly followed by them and today when we were out at the lookout waiting for the boats to return Rosie spotted 2 men hiding in the bushes staring at her when she was on her way to the washroom.  When she spotted them they jumped out of the bushes and pretended they were exercising.  When she approached them they ran!  Were they police?  Or perhaps perverts peeping at woman from the bushes?  Who knows, but it would be nice if they identified themselves.  We also noted that the dolphin trainers at the Hotel are getting police escorts. It seems at if 2 Wakayama policemen are driving around with them and guarding them when they are training.  Although the local Taiji police are very friendly and helpful these Wakayama Prefecture police are smarmy, rude, and they love to laugh and joke with the dolphin trainers, taking pictures of the dolphins when they are doing their tricks.  Perhaps for their dolphin scrapbooks?  Who knows.  Who cares, they can't intimidate us and we will continue monitoring the sick dolphin that the trainers are ignoring.  Shame in them!

Marley and Carisa

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  1. How disgusting that such butchery goes on.

    Thank you for being in Japan and keeping the spotlight on this barberic practise. So difficult to watch, but so important to let the world know.

    Thank you for your bravery and commitment.

    Russell Graham