Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 8 in Taiji

Today all 12 of the banger boats left the harbor to hunt, but for some reason the harpoon ship stayed behind.  Whatever the reason we don't care, we feel a lot of relief to see this weapon of mass destruction tied to the dock.  The banger boats went out for several hours and when they returned they stayed just off shore for about an hour and they looked like they may have been attempting to drive some dolphins in but we could not see what they were chasing.  They were in and out of formation, moving irrationally and all over the place then getting into formation again.  In the end they came back empty handed AGAIN.  THANKFULLY.

It is so hard to be happy for long when the hunting boats return without dolphins because we usually head straight to the Dolphin Hotel to check on the dolphins in the sea pens.

One thing we noticed yesterday is one of the 40ft by 40ft pens actually has 6 dolphins in it.  It blows my mind to think these dolphins can actually move in this jail cell without smashing into each other.

The sick dolphin is still very sick and we have named him Jiyu which means freedom in Japanese.  We watched the trainers feed again today; as usual Jiyu has no interest in food and they are doing nothing to help him.  We are fully expecting to arrive one day and see him floating lifelessly.  Out of all the dolphins these are the most recently caught so him and the other dolphins in that pen still must have vivid memories of freedom.  After seeing these dolphins in captivity we feel that this is just as cruel as the hunt.  We must fight all over the world to keep cetaceans out of captivity! I am having a hard time looking at these dolphins day after day in this hell hole.

Sea Shepherd is asking the public to please contact the hotel and demand the sick dolphin be treated and released back into the wild with his companions.  Otherwise it is likely that he may pass away.

Email: or
How to Call Taiji, Japan from the United States:
Phone: 81-73-559-3514
Fax: 81-73-559-281

We also checked on the captive dolphins at the Whale Museum and we watched the trainers feeding.  None of the animals get food without being told to do a trick first, the animals must work for their food.  We watched one trainer forcing a bottlenose dolphin to spin a hula hoop around his nose and he struggled and struggled and kept dropping it.  The trainer would not give him fish until he was able to spin it around but he could not do it, and the trainer walked away without feeding him.  They purposely starve the animals so they will do anything for food, it's animal cruelty and it makes me sick.  

I think the most important thing we can do to stop this is speak out against any facility that keeps captive dolphins in any country.  We must tell our friends and family to BOYCOTT these places and spread the word.  Cetaceans belong in the wild, no exceptions.  

The next most important thing anyone can do is come to Taiji.  Whether with Sea Shepherd, Save Japans Dolphins or on your own as an individual.  If we could have a hundred people here at one time standing up for the dolphins I believe we could stop this.  Please consider coming here to stand up for these poor animals.  

Please do your part to help Jiyu and the other captive dolphins. They are all suffering! We understand that not everybody is able to come to Taiji, so please make a serious commitment to call the Japanese Embassy everyday, flood their email and voicemail with your concerns!

For the Oceans,
Marley and Carisa

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