Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 9 in Taiji, INTENSE

So today was definitely the most intense day we have had in Taiji so far.  All the banger boats went out at 5:45 in the morning and the harpoon ship stayed in the harbor again.  After 2 hours we saw the worst sight ever, all 12 of the banger boats on the horizon in formation driving a pod.  For the next six hours we watched the boats trying to force these poor animals into the Cove to be slaughtered.  They seemed to have complete control of the pod until several large ships crossed their path and seemed to allow the animals to get away.  There were so many ships in the area that were zig zagging across their path it messed up their drive and allowed the dolphins get away.  Several times the dolphins managed to lose the boats and the banger boats would sit there and wait, a couple times they got sight of them again and we could see black smoke puffing up into sky while they attempted to catch the dolphins again.  Finally we saw them sitting there, waiting to see the pod, and then the best sight ever they started heading toward the harbor empty handed.

We were so overwhelmed with joy we were in tears.  We were absolutely exhausted from the tension we felt for 6 hours, and I cant imagine what the family of dolphins felt after being driven to near exhaustion. We are so elated that the animals are safe and free, hopefully they will never ever come near Japan again.  Any cetacean that comes anywhere near this place is in danger of losing their life or their freedom.

Please contact the Japanese embassy in your country and ask them to stop killing whales and dolphins.  That is all I can write for now, a 14 hour day has left us ready for bed at 5:30pm!

Marley and Carisa

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