Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 10 in Taiji

Today the dolphin hunters left the harbor to hunt and came back with nothing, AGAIN.  We are so lucky to have been in Japan for almost 2 weeks and still the murderers have not spilled blood in front of us.

Today was intense like yesterday because they did actually locate the pod and attempted to drive them in towards the Cove.  The 12 banger boats spent hours zig zagging on the horizon getting into formation and surging full speed towards us obviously driving a pod.  We would then see them stop and sit there, clearly they lost sight of the pod and usually one boat will move around until they locate them again and they would get back into formation.  When they are in formation they all line up perfectly spaced apart so they can create a wall of sound to drive the animals forward.  We knew they were struggling to keep control of the pod and we were cheering the dolphins and begging them to fight for their lives.  Finally the filthy molesters limped back after spending so much money on fuel, we love it!

In the afternoon we went to the Taiji Whale Museum and watched the trainers working with the captive animals there.  I can't tell you how hard it is to watch them train these dolphins, it makes me sick to my stomach.  One of the Pacific White Sided dolphins I nick named Peanut was being forced to jump out of the water onto the cement platform which was about 2 feet above water level.  The trainer wanted him to jump out, lie there and hold his tail in the air and take a fish, but once the trick is done he has to slide off the edge back into the water.  It was clear that the sharp edge of the pool hurt his stomach and after around 7 tries he couldn't do it anymore and the trainer kept holding the fish above him.  To see him struggling so much to do this stupid trick made me want to vomit.  It was clearly hurting him and the poor hungry dolphin wanted his food.  Many people don't realize that these animals are kept hungry so they will comply.

We then watched these scumbags bring out all these needles and tubes and I guess one of the bottlenose dolphins is sick?  We actually watched them put 2 feet of tubing down this dolphins throat and tube some sort of substance into this stomach and they flipped him over and jammed a needle into his tail and pumped him full of some other unknown substance.

We realize more than ever that aquariums and dolphinariums need to be shut down!

For the Oceans,
Marley and Carisa

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