Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Taiji police are very friendly and reasonable... although I think they like to tell us tales.  They warn us not to go into the hills because of deadly snakes, and today they saw me eating Inari, a delicious tofu snack and they told me there is an ancient Japanese proverb that says the Osprey from Japan love tofu and are liable to snatch it out of your hands.  

This is the lookout where we watch for the killer boats returning.  

This picture pretty much shows how we feel when we witness animal cruelty firsthand.  Rosie and I are watching tourists swim with captive dolphins.  These dolphins were caught in the wild a year ago, they watched their entire families get cruelly slaughtered and now live their lives in extremely small enclosures.  These tourists pay to swim with them and molest them like sex slaves being pimped out to perverts.  Shame on anyone who supports a company that profits off of captive cetaceans.  Keep wild animals in the WILD. 

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