Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking back at our first trip to Japan PART 3

This next set of pictures shows the aftermath of the tsunami.  At this point we decided to walk down the hill to see whether the road was still intact.   The road was completely destroyed and there was no way to get the vehicles out.  The water was still surging and at one point it started rising again forcing us to run to run for higher ground.  We were checking all vehicles to see if there was anyone trapped inside but we didn't see anyone, we were completely alone.  After inspecting the washed out road, we realized that we may have to climb through the forest and over the hill to get out.  There were massive islands of debris forming in the harbor, dozens of cars and houses grinding together making the most eerie screeching sound echoing through the hills and the silent wreckage of a city.  

Please consider donating to the Cetacean Defense League for our next trip to Japan this September 2011.  We rely completely on your generous contributions and every dollar helps us so much.  We plan to stay in Taiji for 3 weeks monitoring the cruel dolphin slaughter.  If you think you may be able to travel to Taiji yourself feel free to contact us with any questions.  The more people at The Cove the better!

Marley and Carisa
Cetacean Defense League

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