Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking back at our first trip to Japan VIDEO 1

There is now less than 2 weeks before the Taiji dolphin slaughter resumes.  Thousands of dolphins are killed in the infamous COVE every year starting September 1st.  Last season the annual catch was the lowest it has ever been in Taiji and we know it was because of the constant presence of activists who were documenting this hunt and asking people around the world to contact their Japanese embassy.  Carisa and I hope to continue this pressure by documenting the hunt for 3 weeks.  We are traveling to Taiji mid September but we need your help to stay there for the full three weeks.  Without your generous contributions we would not be able to travel there at all.  Every dollar donated to the campaign allows us to be in Japan and take action for the dolphins.  

Thank you so much to the individuals who have contributed so far!
Marley and Carisa
Cetacean Defense League

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