Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking back at our first trip to Japan PART 6

This is the last set of pictures I took in Otsuchi.  I don't think any of our cameras could really capture the situation we were faced with.  The smells, sounds and the sheer size of the disaster was something we had difficulty absorbing, it was overwhelming to say the least.  Once we made it out of Otsuchi we had to walk for another hour or so to get through a tunnel to the town of Kamaichi which was also destroyed.  At that point there were vehicles making their way in moving supplies and the deceased, there were camps being set up for people who lost there homes and medical care for any who were injured.  We knew we couldn't become a burden to these people and our hotel was a 45 minute drive from there so we made the decision to try and get a ride.  After asking around we met a kind man who motioned for us to follow him and after about a half hour he had organized a ride for us back to Tono. One of the women who drove us in her van told us she had lost her business in the tsunami and we offered her money for the ride but she refused it.  I will never forget the kindness and generosity of the locals we met after the tsunami hit Otsuchi.  I am dreading the horror that awaits me in The Cove this fall, but I also look forward to experiencing more of the Japanese culture and meeting more kind Japanese citizens who will hopefully help me speak out against these crimes.  

Marley Daviduk
Cetacean Defense League

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